Anal Introduction

anal introduction alpha 02

My first fully 3D adult game with animation control and free camera movement. This will be short and sweet to refine my work processes and to use later on to promote my new patreon page.

Download the latest build

The latest build is Alpha 0.22, it’s the third build that’s available. You can download a Windows 64bit version here and a Mac OS X version here. You can go through character selection and then the game immediately switches to the bedroom for a fingering scene. WARNING: NOT OPTIMISED, LONG LOADING TIMES.

What is Anal Introduction about?

The idea for the game came from a suggestion by Solman “How about ones more directly focused on anal (I know some have it already, but normally its just a side issue). Ideal game could be persuading wife/gf to do it for the first time.” I figured this was a great idea for a short and simple game where the goal is clear and I can focus on improving my animating skills and other production processes.

The game will be free once it’s completed. I hope to be done by New Year, so the total development time would be around 2 months.

What can I expect from Anal Introduction?

A short game where you go through some dialog with your girlfriend and that quickly leads to the bedroom. You have some foreplay with her and prepare her ass for a proper fucking. It will be fairly straight forward with maybe 4 or 5 different positions going from some fingering and oral to ass teasing and fucking.

You can control some of the animation to speed up or switch positions. You can also change the camera viewpoint.

Finally you can customize the characters a little by changing skin color for both the guy and the girl.

My personal goals with Anal Introduction

  • Make it possible to transfer animations from one model to another – completed
  • Make it possible to add characters after the game is released – completed
  • Set up a pipeline from model creation to animation and import into the game – almost completed
  • Create a Patreon page with more than $1.000 income per month – not completed

Why Patreon?

Because I need a regular income if I want to work full-time. Patreon seems to be the right platform for that, so I hope it will take off. Any games, apart from the free ones, will also be available in my webshop and probably through Affect 3D as well. If you feel like supporting me, then sign up and pledge to become my patron.

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