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Chop Shop is the second game in a series of four games I’m making to get back into adult game development. In this game you play as David, a mechanic, and you have to repair Cherise’s car. Of course this leads to a hard fuck as an extra reward.

The game is scheduled to be released mid December for patrons and start of January for everyone else.

What’s in the game

It’s a short visual novel with a small puzzle in it. I am keeping the game short, because I want to focus on learning a few new things that I want to use in a larger game at some point. There is some dialogue, a small puzzle to complete when you’re fixing the car and then a load of animated sex scenes.

This gives me the opportunity to work on a system to patch games, dialogue, picking up items, work on my graphics skills and so on. At the same time I can finish the game and then use everything I learned in the next game.

Patreon exclusive content

This is the first game I make with Patreon exclusive content. If you pledge $5 or more you get two more sex scenes with multiple camera angles and cumshots. Pledging $1 or more will give you access to the game in December instead of having to wait until January.

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