Two weeks to go to release

This weekend I’ll take a short break of working on Chop Shop and then it’s two weeks of crunching to get the game done. I want to release it on the 21st so I can have a Christmas holiday without feeling like I have to finish this game.

What’s left to do?

The main piece of work that still needs to be done is one more animated sex scene. This will be the exclusive for $5 and up patrons. The rest is all done and rendered as well. You can check some stills on discord if you’re curious.

The game is already playable, dialogue is done, the small puzzle is working and there is music now as well. So I’m confident the release date of the 21st of December can be achieved.

Lessons learned

I always find that visual novels are very static. A background image that doesn’t change at all and then just some dialogue overlaid on top of it and perhaps some of the character graphics changing.

So, I tried to do things different and have the characters move around in the scene as the dialogue progresses or as you do other things. This turned out to be a huge hassle and a lot of work and I understand now why the visual novels are so static. All the positioning, relighting, rendering… I think that effort can be better spent on making the games longer, bigger and more fun instead.

You can see what I mean in the images above. Your colleague under the car asks you to get a tool, you go over to the table and then hand it to him. These are three different images and in the end I don’t think it adds that much to have your character move around.

But! This is why I’m making these small games. Try things out, see if they work or not and move on. The game will be done in time and I have learned a valuable lesson on how to spend my time on the game.


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