High stakes blackjack with Jessenia

High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia is a porn game in which you get to play blackjack against the hot Jessenia and when you win you will be treated to a series of great animated sex scenes. This game is a product of our own, together with the talented 3DX artist Gazukull. Jessenia is featured in a lot more of his image sets and animations, so if you want to have more of this big titted girl you should check out Gazukull's Dead Tide series for example.

This is a refreshing take on the strip card game formula, thanks to unique 3D imagery and video, and explicit sexual action at the end. - www.adultgamereviews.com

To play the game, simply order it and install it right away. Win the blackjack game, or use the cheat below and you can buy her clothing off her to get to the sex scenes right away. Once you have unlocked the scene you can go straight to it from the main menu of the game.

We have a strip blackjack demo for PC and another demo for Mac.

Go to the credits screen from the main menu and grab the boobs of the different characters there by hovering over them and clicking on them. You will hear a sound and you now have the cash to go to the blackjack game and buy your way straight to the sex scene.

High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia Promo

High stakes blackjack with Jessenia

This is a strip blackjack game with 18 animated loops spread over 8 different positions and 70+ images at a 1920x1080 resolution. This game features blowjobs, throatfucking, pussy licking, fingering, vaginal and anal sex, a tit fuck and cumshots in all the right places.
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Antoine Moira
Antoine Moira
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I got a defect link from the game for cheats ??? Where are they ? Thx

Hi, due to some changes on the site the cheat is now on this page. See the expanding box in the text above.

Link in game to www.3dx-games/cheats no longer works.

Hi, see the expanding box above in the text for the cheat to get all the cash for this game.

hey, great game man

Decent game with good amount of animation at the end. Are you guys going to make more soon?

Where is the save file located? I put in the cheat and now I'm stuck a 500 gold each game. I kinda want to play through it again.

Hi, the unlocking is saved in playerpreferences instead of a save file. To reset the game you have to edit your registry.

On Windows click start, type regedit in the searchbox and run that. Navigate to the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/3DXGames/High Stakes Blackjack with Jessenia, just delete all the data there.

On Mac OS X you should go to ~/Library/Preferences folder and find the file named unity.3dxgames.highstakesblackjackwithjessenia.plist and delete that.

For other systems you better check the Unity documentation here: http://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/PlayerPrefs.html

Let me know if you need any more help.

Thanks for the help!

Very simple game, but the animations are great.


I want to hump bad

Where are the cheats?

Press the button at the middle of the page that says "cheat" and it will show you.

I'd like to find sexy female who like to fuck


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