High Tide Harbor Release Date
Antoine Moira09/10/2016Dev diary, High Tide Harbor

The date is set: 5th of November 2016 will be the release date of High Tide Harbor. We would have like to release earlier, but the coming months the Affect 3D store is fully booked with releases already and November 5th was the first date that was available for a release for us.

Gwyneth spreading pussy
Antoine Moira08/5/2016Dev diary, High Tide Harbor

Gwyneth is the loving doctor in High Tide Harbor and she is fucking hot. Personally I think she is one of the hottest girls Gazukull has ever made. Hopefully we'll see her again after this game is released and we get to enjoy her a bit more.

High Tide Harbor audio
Antoine Moira04/7/2016Dev diary, High Tide Harbor

Gazukull is finishing up the sex scene renders at the moment and they should be done in a few days. That means he's moving on to all the other stuff we want in the game, the NPCs, the people you talk to and a load of the other game art. It's surprising how much more you actually need apart from the sex scenes.