300 Lines of dialogue and counting

Dialogue, dialogue, dialogue… It seems to be the only thing I’m writing these days and the end isn’t in sight. So far one quest chain has been completed and all the dialogue for it has been written. That means that there are still 5 more quest chains left!

The dynamic nature of dialogues

If you play games regularly you must know how most quests work. You walk up to some guy, he tells you what to do and you’re on your way. Maybe there is a little reference to a quest you have already done for him, but that’s about it. In High Tide Harbor we’re trying to add a lot more immersion to the game so you feel like your relationships with the girls are growing as you progress through the story.

It makes little sense for one of these girls to keep using the same tone of voice with you at the end of the game as at the start of the game. At the start you’re usually a stranger and she doesn’t know you, but at the end you’ve fucked her and it would be strange if she still treated you the same way.

Checks, checks and more checks

So we’re writing endless amounts of checks. Have you talked to her before? Have you helped her? Have you done quests for her? Had sex with her? All those things are part of how she treats you. This way we hope to create a truely active and vibrant world that feels alive. Stay tuned because tomorrow we’re showing another one of our girls! I assume you’ve met Gwyneth already?

Porn game survey

Also, if you haven’t yet, I would really appreciate it if you filled in our porn game survey. It takes less than a minute and you would really help me out. I’m thinking about my next game already and it would be great if I know what people like. If you can give me any suggestions about what would make the ultimate porn game for you, that would be even better!

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