3DX Games Discord server now live

I’ve launched a discord server! Just click the button to join. If you’re a patron you will get access to a couple patron exclusive channels.

3DX Games Discord Server

Faster support for the games through Discord

If you need any help with one of my games, you’ll get faster support through Discord. I’m usually online while I’m working or gaming, so that’s most of the day. Just post in the support channel or send me a private message and I’ll help you as soon as possible.

Join the community for more artwork

I’m posting more artwork on Discord since it’s much easier to do than writing a post here on my site every time. I can just drag a new image in there and put it live in a second. So, you will see more of your favorite characters here too.

Become a patron for more channels

If more lewd artwork is what you’re looking for, than the patron-only channel is definitely for you. I’ll post there more often than I will in the other channels. Not a patron yet? You can pledge $1 to join and $5 if you want to get more content in your games.

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