Anal Introduction Alpha 0.2 Release

A new Sunday, a new Alpha release. In this alpha there are quite some changes from the last that are not always immediately visible. Check out all the changes below.

What’s new in alpha 0.2?

You can immediately see that the whole scene is different from the previous release. The previous release had just a bed in a blank room and now we have a complete house that’s beautifuly lit and has all the rooms this game needs.

Secondly there is the start menu and character selection menu. Right now you can only pick Sofia and Alan, but it’s ready to accept more characters in the future.

What can I play in this alpha?

It’s a short fingering scene that you can play through. Make sure you start out slow or Sofia will make you slow down. Once you’ve warmed her up a bit you can go faster and switch to more interesting moves. There is no cum animation in this build yet, so you’ll just have to imagine that by yourself for now.

Download the alpha from the main Anal Introduction page. I want to keep links to the latest build in one place so there aren’t a load of different versions available everywhere.

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