Anal Introduction Alpha 0.22 Release

Antoine Moira11/28/2016Dev diary, Anal Introduction
Anal Introduction alpha 022

A new release is out and although this might be a small one for the player, it's a big one for me because I've managed to make a few things work that I will need for future games.

Adding new characters after game launch

With the new build I can add a character to the game even after the game has been released. This might not be amazing for this game, but for future games it means I can add special characters, or add new enemies for example without you having to completely reinstall the game. It als means I can now give away new characters to Patreon pledgers much more easily.

Transferring animations from one character to another

Adding new characters to the game after it has released also means that now animations transfer perfectly from one character to another. This is another huge step for me because this means my animation work scales and I can reuse animations for all my models and all my games. This is incredibly important, because animation work takes very long and is such an important part of an adult game.

I could now create a game that doesn't just revolve around a handful of main characters for whom I've made custom animations. I can create a game world with NPCs that are also available to fuck. Imagine that, a city where you live and any NPC you see walking around can be dated and/or fucked. It leads to a lot of new possibilities.

Story for the next build

With these two major tasks completed I'm going to focus on the story of the game now. It's time to write some interesting and branching dialog that will make you want to fuck Sofia's ass!

Download the latest version here.


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