Another game added to the site, more to come

Another game online now! This is Working for Evil and it’s a fun game where you work for a milf, but that milf is an incredible bitch of a boss. You will have to decide if you want to fuck her anyway or if you rather screw your colleague instead. A tough choice indeed!

Sex with the boss

The game is pretty straight forward, either you suck up to your boss and have her suck you off at a later point or you choose to be nice for your colleague and risk getting your ass fired. Both chicks are really hot and the milf of a boss is a nice one to conquer if you’re into slightly more mature women. The game gives you the choice to fuck the one you want. Play stripper pick up for free.

More interactive story games

I have a load more of these interactive story games. You can find them all right here in the right category of free porn games. All these games give you the choice in how you want to go through the game. You can often pick one of the girls you want to fuck and make sure you get into her pants.

If you are more into dating sims, we have them too, just like sex RPGs. These games are quite different from the interactive stories. You get much more freedom and you can steer the story a little. Don’t expect too much control though, these games are pretty small. They are free afterall and you get what you pay for…

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