Dialogue for High Tide Harbor

Every decent game needs to have a story or at least some character to it. That’s what we’re working on here and that’s what you can see in this screenshot above. What you can see is a good chunk of one of the dialogue chains we have for just one of the few dozen quests in High Tide Harbor.

Dialogue and story first in this porn game

Most porn games have little story and that’s fine. Most people don’t care about a story or dialogue, but we’re trying to do things different here. That’s why we’re first getting the dialogue and character sheets done before we start working on the actual coding and implementation of the story. This way we hope to keep the focus on the story and the graphics!

Writing the dialogue is a very fun part of game development. You get to live through all the scenarios that the game offers and the characters start to come to life! That’s when you know if a character is suitable to be in the game or maybe the personality still needs some tweaking.

Meet the girls from High Tide Harbor

Gazukull is working on the renders of the girls that you can meet and fuck in our game, you can expect to see them showing up bit by bit over the coming weeks. Stay tuned and follow us on Twitter or Tumblr if you want to know more, or sign up for our newsletter on the right of this article.

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