High Tide Harbor Demo out now

Antoine Moira11/1/2016Dev diary, High Tide Harbor
High Tide Harbor Demo available

You can now download and play the demo for High Tide Harbor! In this demo you get to play a bit with Jessenia and I hope you get a good feel for what the full game is like.

Available for Windows and MAC

Make sure you get the right version of the game to prevent compatibility issues.

If you experience any problems with the demo, then make sure to check the FAQ and Support page.

Full game available this Saturday the 5th of November

Come back this Saturday and you can order the full game for only $13.95!


Cool demo, can't wait for the real game

Hey guys, you made a minor mistake in the x64 demo... it wants to install in the x86 program folder instead of the regular x64.. its not that big a deal, but it dos tricker a mild OCD with me... :-)

Hey, thanks for letting us know! It's a bit too minor to fix it now and recreate and redistribute all the installers again, so I guess we'll just have to live with it.

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