High Tide Harbor Update April 7th

Gazukull is finishing up the sex scene renders at the moment and they should be done in a few days. That means he’s moving on to all the other stuff we want in the game, the NPCs, the people you talk to and a load of the other game art. It’s surprising how much more you actually need apart from the sex scenes.

Dialogue writing continues

I took a bit of a break from writing dialogue to develop some more features for the next porn game. The music, the sex scenes and good keyboard + mouse control for the whole game and sex scenes are now done and it’s back to writing more dialogue. Almost half of the work is done now, but that means there are still around 1.000 lines to go to get everything in the game.

Music in the game

We’re trying to set a good mood with music for each location in the game. Background music, ambient sounds it’s now all added and I’m working on the sound effects. That’s what you see in the screenshot above. We’re unsure yet if we actually want sound during the sex scenes, it always gets a little weird and sounds so horribly fake. What do you guys think?

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