Isobel, our last sex scenes preview

Antoine Moira08/18/2016Dev diary, High Tide Harbor
Isobel sex scenes preview

With Isobel we're coming to the last of our sex scene previews. She is our last girl and that means our release is getitng closer and closer. Check out here what you can expect in her sex scenes when you've unlocked them all.

Isobel taking control

Isobel doesn't easily give away control, not in her job as captain of the guard and definitely not in the bedroom. Here is a short preview of what you can expect from her in our upcoming sex game.

Isobel licking dickIsobel deepthroating dildoIsobel riding on topIsobel fucked from behind


What happened to her muscles?

Don't worry, they are still there. The images are probably a bit too small to see them properly.

This game looks super sexy

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