Making progress on High Tide Harbor

We’re well on schedule with the development of High Tide Harbor and it’s now starting to become a real game. Already some characters have found their places in the game and are available to talk to and interact with. It’s great to see how the game is now coming along and how cool it’s going to be.

Scenes and characters in the game

The scenes and characters have pretty much been defined. It’s a matter of placing them into the game now and building good looking scenes that make you want to talk to the girls. In the image above you can see Gwyneth in her natural environment of the hospital of High Tide Harbor. The graphics of the scenes are also done by Gazukull, so they are of great quality, just like the characters themselves.

Variety in scenes and poses

We initially wanted to keep the scenes simple, but with the dialogue system we’re building we figured it would be a great addition to make the graphics more dynamic as well. We thought it might get a bit boring to see the exact same backgrounds each time you visit a girl, so it was back to the rendering machine for Gazukull and time to get a lot more backdrops. We hope you like the variety that this adds.

Next character revealed this Thursday

As our porn game grows and we get the characters more defined we’re releasing more and more of the girls. You have already seen Gwyneth and Jessenia and in two days we are revealing Kami, the harbor mistress. She keeps control over the docks and all the cargo that comes in and goes out of the port. Check back on Thursday to see what she looks like!

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