Meet the girls: Gwyneth the Doctor

Over the coming weeks we’ll start showing more and more of the girls in High Tide Harbor. Gwyneth is the first girl we’re unveiling and it’s a stunning beauty isn’t she? This gorgeous girl is a creation by Gazukull and the rest of the women in our porn game are easily as sexy as she is. Interested in getting to know Gwyneth a little better? Read on…

Gwyneth the Doctor

When you get ill, just visit Gwyneth. She will get you back on your feet again. This hot doctor is running a medical clinic that helps out the poor saps that can’t afford the proper hospital. The clinic isn’t the best in town, but they’ll take anyone as a patient even if it will cost the clinic money. It’s not the best business practice, but Gwyneth is a good egg.

Gwyneth cares about her patients and aims to provide them with the best care she can offer. The clinic is always underfunded and understaffed though and could benefit from an extra pair of hands. Sadly no one wants to volunteer and work for free in a clinic where only the most pitiful of scrubs go. Are you up for playing doctor?

More sexy girls to come

Stay tuned as we get more of our girls out in the open and let us know what you think of them in the comments below! Come back next Thursday for another girl in the cast of High Tide Harbor!

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