Meet the girls: Isobel the Guard Captain

Isobel is already the fourth of our set of girls that you can talk to and fuck in High Tide Harbor. This is a true hardbody girl with a fantastic body and a powerful character. Keep reading to find out more about her and what you can expect from her in our porn game.

Isobel runs a tight ship

With a port filled with so many tugs, pirates, smugglers, thieves and general lowlifes you need a guard captain that doesn’t mess around. Isobel does a remarkable job of keeping the unwashed masses in check and to provide some form of security to the less criminal civilian population. Stories about her martial skills and iron fisted rule go around until she gets near and every conversation just falls silent.

Despite her hard work and strict discipline, she can’t be everywhere at all times and so perhaps you can get on her good side by doing some odd jobs for her?

The rest of the cast

Did you already see Gwyneth the Doctor, Jessenia the Pirate Queen and Kami the Harbor Mistress? With Isobel that makes 4 girls in total already that you can set your sights on and try to fuck in our upcoming adult game. Come back next Thursday for another member of the cast!

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