Meet the girls: Jessenia Dread Pirate Queen

In this second episode of meet the girls of High Tide Harbor we present to you Jessenia. Now for some of you she isn’t a stranger if you’ve seen any of Gazukulls porn before. She is an incredibly powerful woman in his universe and she is not someone to mess with. At the same time she is pretty much insatiable and requires a regular shagging to keep her going.

Jessenia the Pirate Queen

Jessenia has her ship docked in the port of High Tide Harbor. She is here to rest and recuperate and give her crew a few days of partying as well. She’s laying low in the city, no need to draw too much attention from the authorities. That doesn’t mean the whole ship is dead and nothing is happening.

The thing with Jessenia is though.. there are some really dark rumors going around about her. Some say she isn’t completely human and that she even employs the living dead on her ship. Now not everything you hear is true of course and as long as you’re brave enough you could still try to get her to fuck you. After all, what could go wrong?

Did you see Gwyneth yet?

Last week we showed you Gwyneth the doctor who works in a crappy clinic in High Tide Harbor. Did you see her yet? If not, you should really take a look at this sexy doctor. Stay tuned for another character next Thursday!

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