Meet the girls: Kami the Harbor Mistress

We’ve already shown you Gwyneth and Jessenia, so now it’s time for a different kind of Girl. This is Kami who works at the docks of High Tide Harbor as the harbor mistress. She’s in charge of checking and documenting every ship and bit of cargo that comes into port and leaves again.

Nothing gets past Kami

With a free port like High Tide Harbor you need to have a good harbor master, or mistress, to keep the flow of goods in check. Pirates and smugglers are found everywhere and they are always looking to sell their ill-gotten goods on the markets and in the streets. Kami is the gatekeeper of the port and it would be unwise to mess with her.

Not that she’s the one who will actually keep you in check… She’s a shy and quiet girl and it’s strange that she has the power over the docks. It’s not so strange then, that a lot of contraband still manages to get onto the streets and everyone knows the source is almost always some smuggler who managed to sneak his goods past Kami.

So how could you help out this poor girl?

More characters to come

Check back next week when we’ll introduce you to another member of the cast and another great girl created by Gazukull whom you can fuck in High Tide Harbor.

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