Meet the girls: Martina, tavern owner

Check out Martina, the last girl that will be available in High Tide Harbor. This sexy brunette is a sweet girl that is always kind to everyone. This could be because she runs her own tavern and wants to make everyone feel at home, or maybe she does actually like you.

Martina, find her at the tavern

She has made a good life for herself and now runs a tavern in the port of High Tide Harbor. The tavern is usually filled with the scum of the earth and it’s tough to find a kind heart among them. Martina brings a light to the place though as she is the warmest and most welcoming girl you’ve ever seen. Despite her loving and caring nature, she too is fighting her own battles.

Through out the game Martina will ask you for help with some of her problems and it’s up to you to solve them. Of course you will help her out right?

All the girls revealed now

With all the girls revealed now we will start working on a playable test version of the game so we can start testing some of the game mechanics and work on creating the whole game. Stay tuned as hopefully we will get some of the results back and of course we’ll start revealing some of the more sexy scenes in the game over the coming weeks!

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