Meet the girls: Samira

Samira is the fifth girl that we are showing of in High Tide Harbor. As you can see she is quite different from the others! We hope you will enjoy her as much as the other girls we’ve shown already!

Making a living at the market

This girl works her own stall at the market selling all sorts of sex toys to any willing customer. She works hard and tries to make a life for herself in a world dominated by humans. This is of course not an easy thing to do, especially if you stand out so much from the crowd. Men, looking for more adventure than they can take, seek her out and try to get her to bed. Women see her as a threat to stable marriages and they condemn her as a seductress.

Just trying to fit in

While the rest of the city condemns her for being different, you might be able to see through this? Can you gain her trust and work with her? Help her build out her stall and create a proper business out of her work. She’ll be sure to reward you!

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