Scaling down and speeding up

For the past two years I’ve barely had the time to work on any of my games and I can’t wait to get back into things.

I’ve decided to start with some small games. These will be necessary to get my skills up to scratch and relearn some of the knowledge I have lost in the past two years.

The next game will be released next week for my $1 and up patrons and in 3 weeks for free to the public.

As said, it will be a simple game, a small game and so I decided to recreate a strip blackjack game. This was my first game I made with Gazukull and I figured it would give me a way to get back into the rhythm of coding and rendering quickly.

I’m creating the artwork myself this time and I’m sticking with still images and animations. I’m getting back from the full 3D games since it’s very labor intense and I want to scale things down to keep it manageable. Perhaps in the future I can get back to 3D games.

For now, here are a few images of the next game.

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    Anonymous October 22, 2018 at 1:23 am

    Great to see you’re back!

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