Spy game where you get to fuck

A fun new game just released on the site. This is a cool game where you get to play as a spy and you use your body as a way to get close to the target. The game is quite hard to play right and you run the risk of losing control over the situation and end up getting used by the head of the terrorist organization.

Pick the right items

You have to pick a few items before you start the game and which items you pick determine quite a lot about what you get to do in the game. Will you go for some sleeping pills to get your target drowsy or do you bring a gun with you? There are 6 items to chose from and you can only bring 2, so there is some variety in the game depending on what you choose.

Play all the games free

This game is completely free to play and you don’t need to sign up or register to get to it. Just go straight to Spy 069 and have fun!

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