Streaming weekend coming up

I have a long weekend ahead due to taking a couple of days off, so I figured I would take the time to do some animation work and live stream it all. Check out the streams and see what I’m working on next!

Anal Introduction animation streams

The streams are live on my channel at Picarto. You don’t need an account to follow along, but I would advise you to make one anyway and follow my channel so you can see whan I’m online next.

Streaming days

I’ll generally stream all days from the 8th to the 13th since there is a lot of animating to be done. For now the schedule is like this:

  • Thursday 8th: Blowjob animation
  • Friday 9th: Anal fingering animation
  • Saturday 10th: Anal fuck animation 1
  • Sunday: 11th Anal fuck animation 2
  • Monday 12th and Tuesday 13th: Leftover work

Streaming times

The times that I stream will vary across the weekend. I am based in Europe, so different time zones are a bit of an issue for US fans. On Thursday and Friday I’ll usually start around 6 AM CET which is around 12 AM EST and 8 PM PST. Saturday and Sunday I’ll start around 5 PM CET which is around 11 AM EST and 8 AM PST.

Stream offline?

Is the stream offline? Then check my twitter account to see when I’m back again. Of course I take regular breaks and I don’t always leave the stream running when I do. The pinned tweet at the top of my feed should give you some info on when I’m back and streaming again. You can also make an account at Picarto and follow the stream, that way you’ll always get a notification when I’m online.

Come visit the stream if you have the time. Not sure if I’m streaming when you do have the time? Leave a comment here and I’ll see if I can make sure I’m online when you are.

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