Strip blackjack with Jana now on Patreon

The game is out for $1 and up patrons. It will be available for free in 2 weeks’ time. This is what you can expect from the game:

  • Strip blackjack: win, or simply don’t lose too much to see Jana slowly undress. There are 5 images to unlock. Once you have beaten her you get access to the animation gallery.
  • 3 Different positions
  • 3 Camera angles for each position
  • Cum shots for all 3 positions
  • All images and animations are 1920 x 1080

Above is a little sneak peek of one of the animations in the game.

Download the game

You can get the game by pledging just $1 a month as a patron right here:

If you can’t afford the money, then you’ll have to wait two weeks. The game will then be released on my own site here:

Thanks to everyone for their support

Of course I would like to thank my patrons and other fans for their support and for sticking with me through the development of the game.

Do you want to follow along with the development of the next game? Pledge a buck and you’ll get access to the dev log, or keep checking my site and see what’s happening there!

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